Russian bear dog (Caucasian Shepherd)

Russian bear dog

– the oldest dog breeds, originating in the mighty mountains of the Caucasus. These are strong, smart and truly brave animals – it even says that Russian military commanders, winning the Caucasus within the framework of a special military order just immediately russian bear dogenlisted in the army of these dogs to assist in the conduct of the guard service. Currently giants Caucasian (Caucasian Shepherd – one of the largest species in the world) continue to be the ideal working dogs and their popularity has gone far beyond the borders of Russia and Asia. Be sure, when you travel you can meet Japanese, peacefully strolling along the streets of Tokyo in the company of a Caucasian, or American who can not live without the beloved pet of the mountain. Noble caucasian shepherd dog in the photo found on the Internet is almost as common as Huskies and welsh corgi. What is the secret of these dogs? We will try to understand.

Caucasian Shepherd, certainly deservedly very popular as a defender of the house and the hosts. To love a dog very easy, but to train correctly harder. However, if we act wisely and responsibly, success is assured.

For those who are attracted by the Caucasian Shepherd, must remember a few rules. If you bring up the
dogs with love and respect, feeling responsible for this clever and susceptible animals, then you will never have problems with the Caucasian Shepherd, and the only joy from the fact that close to you lives a stunning one.

Caucasian ShepherdCaucasian Shepherd

– serious dog. This mighty beast, capable of a second to cut the throat of the enemy. With a four-legged companion can walk anywhere in the darkest times of the day and nothing to fear. Hardly anyone dares to offend the host, only see next to him look severe eye and huge bared fangs.

But formidable guard is dangerous only for outsiders, to their own – it is gentle and good-natured creature, cheerful barking and jumping greeting his master, ready to lick it from head to toe in a fit of passionate love.

Russian bear dog

– is a strong hardy animal that can live in any climate. These dogs – born caretaker, they are very smart, independent. From an early age they need proper socialization.

Big, impressive, beautiful. Similar to other large teddy bears, these dogs can not fail to attract attention. But 30 years ago the breed caucasian shepherd dog was virtually unknown outside the Soviet Union. Today, they are widely distributed, but many looking at them askance. It is alleged that they were aggressive, biting, are difficult to learn. And yet, if the Caucasian sheep properly nurture and educate them the most loyal guardians of the most balanced and representatives of the dog world.

Probably originally Caucasian shepherd dogs were used as guardians and protectors of sheep and herds. But without a doubt, that the nature of its stature and Caucasian Shepherd primarily guard dog.

Excellent guard, Caucasian Shepherd, suspicious and hostile to any outsider, having a menacing look. These dogs have a strong and vibrant, independent character. Perhaps these characteristics are not all satisfied, but they are perfect for a good guard dog.