in its nature are leaders, but fairly they can easy to recognize the dominance of the owner, subject to him. Their brains are directly dependent on the instincts – that is exactly the case when the official training and intelligence are inseparable. Therefore, if your Caucasian performs its functions, it will be in good mental shape, kind and obedient. If you purchased the dog because of her beauty and just keep as a pet, it is expected that in front of you as they grow older animal would be rebellious and authoritative creature – almost a tyrant.

Buying a puppy, consider all the features of the nature of the pet and respect his desperate pursuit of performance of official and working functions, in any case, without closing this great, proud and a good dog in the four walls. These dogs are made for life on the street – wool protects them from cold and heat, even in extreme cases. In addition, they enjoy the freedom and nature observation. The best option detention Caucasian Shepherd – the back yard of a country house or cottage. Under these conditions, the mountain giant is the happiest dog in the world.

Caucasian Shepherd

– is a large, muscular animal with a sturdy, heavy boned.

Caucasian Shepherd appearanceThe head is massive, with small hanging ears. According to the breed standards and operational requirements ears cropped short.

Teeth in an amount of 42 pieces of large, white, with a scissor bite.

Powerful short neck, broad back, ending with a crescent bushy tail, short convex waist, horizontal croup.

Well developed, broad chest, his stomach tightened, the front legs parallel and straight with elbows pointing back, large paws, rounded, gathered into a ball.

The optimum height for males Caucasian shepherd dogs – 72-75 cm at the withers, bitches -. 66-69 cm weighs 50-60 kg animal.

The skin is thick, elastic, resistant to injury.

All dogs body covered by a thick fluffy coat with a powerful undercoat, which allows it to endure all adverse weather conditions.

It is because of this “coat” of a dog is able to carry out their duties and in the rain and snowstorm, sleeping in the snow, without leaving the shelter. On the neck and hind legs the hair is longer and forms a substantially “pants” and “mane”.

According to the standard this type dog characterized by:

  • massive, large head with a mane;
  • convex broad forehead;
  • thick lips;
  • large and black nose lobe;
  • small ears;
  • oval (dark) form;
  • deep-set eyes;
  • large teeth and scissor housing;
  • broad, long feeding;
  • muscular, strong, straight and wide back;
  • convex, broad, muscular and short loin;
  • high set tail;
  • posed parallel limbs;
  • rounded, large paws;
  • coarse, straight hair;
  • black, gray, brown or reddish-brown color.

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