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Caucasians are unpretentious in food and not greedy, perfectly absorb food. Adult Caucasian shepherd dog should be fed only once a day (two – in very cold weather). When feeding wet enough food portion should be calculated as follows: 35-50 grams of food per 1 kg of body weight. When feeding dry food ration should […]

Care and Maintenance

Caucasian Shepherd unpretentious enough to care – especially when the conditions of detention in the yard. The main aspect is the basic grooming. There are short-haired and long-haired Caucasians. In both cases, the dogs cover consists of a dense and hard coat lush soft undercoat. During the seasonal moulting Caucasians have to comb out every […]

Walking and exercise

Caucasian Shepherd really feel comfortable with the conditions of detention in the backyard in a box or in a large aviary. Of course, this kind of content itself involves constant walking that dog may hold in the yard when she pleases. Caucasians have the nature of a harmonious powerful physique, able to maintain themselves in […]


Despite their independence, which many mistakenly seem banal stubbornness, Caucasian Shepherd is able to willingly accept training. Their developed the ability to speak excellent memory – unlike many other service dogs, having learned the team at a young age, Caucasian not forget it to the end of his days. Caucasian Shepherd training should start in […]


Caucasian Shepherd hostile to outsiders, but truly love their owners. With proper training (which, by the way, given difficult and requires persistence from the owner), these dogs are quite friendly towards others (including cats and other dogs) in a neutral setting – for example, on the street while walking. Always ready to fight with the […]


Caucasian Shepherd – very independent and intelligent dog, who never forget their instincts and vocation. Historically – Caucasian used to protect and control its territory. Calling a born guard – a major issue in the content of these dogs in urban apartments. Due to the special character of the Caucasian Shepherd to them its fame […]


“Caucasians” in its nature are leaders, but fairly they can easy to recognize the dominance of the owner, subject to him. Their brains are directly dependent on the instincts – that is exactly the case when the official training and intelligence are inseparable. Therefore, if your Caucasian performs its functions, it will be in good […]


Caucasian Shepherd – one of the oldest breeds of working dogs. The history of rock formation is complex and confusing, partly composed of researchers speculation and legends. However, most specialized experts believe that the Caucasian Shepherd, as well as representatives of many other large breeds are descended from the legendary primary Molossians – Tibetan mastiffs. […]