Care and Maintenance

Caucasian Shepherd unpretentious enough to care – especially when the conditions of detention in the yard. The main aspect is the basic grooming. There are short-haired and long-haired Caucasians. In both cases, the dogs cover consists of a dense and hard coat lush soft undercoat. During the seasonal moulting Caucasians have to comb out every day, using an arsenal of great quality brushes and metal combs with rounded teeth. The rest of the time only two sessions a week combing. Caucasian Shepherd is accustomed to this procedure from an early age, as the process may be accompanied by quite painful sensations – especially if wool mixed up, or you need to eliminate the dead undercoat.

Wash Russian bear dog should be only in case of need. The owner must also keep an eye on the state of the ears, eyes and teeth. From time to time, the eyes and ears should be cleaned, eliminating isolation. If the ears or in the eyes of too many selections, the dog shakes his head and restlessly behaves, contact your veterinarian. Regularly check the presence of Caucasian ear mites. Properly remove the tick can only be experienced host or veterinarian. Feet should be inspected regularly, controlling their condition – wounds, cuts and splinters should not be. Mud between the toes and on the paws – also.

Caucasians teeth need care. In order to prevent tartar and plaque purification of the food pieces, stuck between the teeth, the dog should be given special cleaning bones. Several times a week the teeth should be cleaned with a special toothpaste and toothbrush, avoiding swallowing toothpaste. This procedure should also be accustomed to puppyhood, or Caucasian can bite you when you brush teeth when you try. Claws caucasian should wear off in a natural way during their stay on the street.

Caucasian Shepherd created for content in the yard, on the street. They quietly tolerate heat, cold and bad weather thanks to the excellent wool and high adaptability of the organism.

Outdoors Caucasian must be in a spacious booth or enclosure. The litter can be used as a mattress, appropriate size dog. Sleeper need to lay a dense blanket of natural material that can be easily erased. Change should be covered once every two weeks. If you keep a dog on a chain, keep in mind that it should be sufficiently long and strong but not too heavy, so as not to traumatize the bone and muscle pet. The collar should be made of leather, which does not rub the fabric and does not stretch. Booth itself should not be in the shade, but not in the sun. It is also necessary to lay a Caucasian could monitor and inspect the entire territory of the house and yard in the state – try to do that his eyes nothing prevented.

If you let your Russian bear dog sleep or even live in your home (which is undesirable for the dog of character and comfort), take care of spacious bunk – fit the same mattress, the laid-kind cloth. Caucasians are not prone to destructive behavior, they are calm under any circumstances, but the apartment – not the best place to care for them, as it contradicts the very essence of the breed.

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