Caucasian Shepherd

russian bear dog character– very independent and intelligent dog, who never forget their instincts and vocation. Historically – Caucasian used to protect and control its territory. Calling a born guard – a major issue in the content of these dogs in urban apartments.

Due to the special character of the Caucasian Shepherd to them its fame uncontrolled dogs. The fact that their protective instincts formed many years. Therefore, russian bear dog solves itself, may come from the danger and how to neutralize it. Terms and conditions of apartments in the city can not allow this dog to truly realize their potential, which can lead to excessive nervousness animal and even increased aggressiveness.

Caucasian shepherd dogs are not vicious, but pretty straightforward. If the dog is in front of the task to defend the territory and their hosts, during the execution of its mission, nothing will stop. Hosts and close people Caucasians perceive as the pack members. If the owner will not be engaged in the education of his brave pet, it becomes hostage to the following situation: Caucasian considers itself the leader of the pack and will tend to dominate in every way that, given the incredible size and strength of these dogs can be catastrophic. Therefore, the main task of the owner – to demonstrate its leadership. But, note well-bred Caucasian – a loving, kind and incredibly loyal pet that will never leave you in the lurch.

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