Caucasians are unpretentious in food and not greedy, perfectly absorb food.

Adult Caucasian shepherd dog should be fed only once a day (two – in very cold weather). When feeding wet enough food portion should be calculated as follows: 35-50 grams of food per 1 kg of body weight. When feeding dry food ration should be much less – 10-15 grams of product per 1 kg of body weight. Changes in the “dishes” Caucasians do not appreciate, so optimal quality dry food with high meat content. If you are a supporter of classical cooking, make emphasis on the rough grades of meat, offal and cooked vegetables and fresh fruit as a diet supplement.

Caucasian Shepherd foodPower of the Russian bear dog┬ámust be complete. Actually, feeding this breed is not much different from how other feed. First, the owner must choose between dry and natural food. Drying advantages that it does not require much time for cooking, while the natural advantageous feeding in material terms, and allows to control the quality and quantity of products that are fed to the animal. Which is better – to answer difficult. If you are going to feed the dryer, then make a choice in favor of high-quality feed super premium. It is not cheap, but if fed dry food, only good, or better to prefer self-catering.

It is also important to maintain a diet. Feed the dog should be the same number of times a day at specific times.

Caucasian shepherd dogs are hardy, long-lived dogs, easily overcomes the 10-year milestone, especially when the dog is not overweight. Longevity dog and her quality of life depends largely on the care and feeding.

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