Caucasian Shepherd hostile to outsiders, but truly love their owners.

With proper training (which, by the way, given difficult and requires persistence from the owner), these dogs are quite friendly towards others (including cats and other dogs) in a neutral setting – for example, on the street while walking.

Caucasian Shepherd socializationAlways ready to fight with the enemy – one of the main traits of the Russian bear dogs. As you know, they are always on the alert. Therefore, if your house pets unfamiliar person comes, you may have problems. No, Caucasian Shepherd will not rush to the unfortunate man, knowing that he has come to you with good intentions, but may scare guests loud frightening barking. If we are talking about this stranger turned out to be in your back yard with negative goals, then let the attacker is preparing for trouble.


– intelligent and sensitive pets that perfectly demonstrate their relationship with children. Strong and good animal understands that to him a child, you want to love and protect. These pets can not be called playful, but for the kids they are willing to forget about his service austerity and to devote one or two hours entertainment. But parents still should be especially vigilant – Caucasian shepherd dog is very large and sensitive to pain (especially in the ears), so some conflicts between the children and the dog can be. Communication of the child and the pet must take place exclusively under the supervision of parents.

Relationship Russian bear dog with other pets can be dramatically different, depending on the circumstances. For example, if a Caucasian grew and developed together with the cat, it will be no problems, and the dog will protect his mustachioed friend, as an important member of the pack. Also caucasian can graciously accept a small kitten. But if the animals are introduced into adulthood – the conflicts in their communication can not be avoided. With dogs Caucasians are relatively easy to establish a friendly relationship – except perhaps that may be the ratio of two males competing for the right to dominance.

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