Despite their independence, which many mistakenly seem banal stubbornness, Caucasian Shepherd is able to willingly accept training.

Caucasian Shepherd trainingTheir developed the ability to speak excellent memory – unlike many other service dogs, having learned the team at a young age, Caucasian not forget it to the end of his days.

Caucasian Shepherd training should start in puppyhood. Typically, the process of education is divided into two stages: puppy training Caucasian and consolidate the acquired skills and knowledge already in adulthood. Train a dog should be the person to whom the animal feeds particularly supportive feelings and believes his leader – the leader of the pack. Note that the process of education and training is rather complicated, and if you do not have the necessary skills, and you are not able to maximize the tenacity and strength of character, this is a matter best left to professionals, otherwise you risk instead of loving obedient pet to receive a huge uncontrollable beast.

Caucasian breed

– thoughtful, calm and quite leisurely dog that used to be very independent. By the process of learning should be approached in conjunction with the host firmness and love. Do not despise the rewards and warm words about your pet. Of course, education should begin with accustom the puppy to his name. By the way, the name of the pet should always be pronounced the same – without additional diminutive suffixes.

Russian bear dog trainingHaving learned the name of the puppy is quite ready for the perception of the basic commands in the spirit of “To me!”. Announcing the team should be soft, loud and friendly, always complementing their gestures. For example, in the case of a simple command, above, should slap knees. For all properly executed pet team should be rewarded – the warm words, stroking and treats.

Since the age of three months, you can safely go to the team which prohibits “No!”. Announcing the team must be strictly, briefly and firmly. But it should be used only when necessary for the proper formation of behavioral reactions. At the age of five months should proceed to learning the command “Sit!”, “Place”, “Walk”, “Next!” – Make it better while walking, so that young caucasian been able to fully carry out your instructions. Then teach your pet is wearing a muzzle, leash and collar – do it gradually: first, wear ammunition for a short time, and then increase the time spent in it.

Another important point – from the very young age of the Caucasian breed representative need to socialize. How to do it? You just need to introduce your dog to other people and dogs. We need to make sure that the pet did not perceive man as a threat unconditional. Relations with the dogs are able to lay the basis of a behavioral nature. Allow Caucasians communicate not only with puppies, but also with adults experienced dogs. As for the people, the little mountain pet gladly allow themselves to pat, pat behind the ear, and are happy to play with a man.

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