Walking and exercise

Caucasian Shepherd really feel comfortable with the conditions of detention in the backyard in a box or in a large aviary.

Of course, this kind of content itself involves constant walking that dog may hold in the yard when she pleases.

Caucasians have the nature of a harmonious powerful physique, able to maintain themselves in excellent physical shape and tone are not prone to overeating. But from time to time they need space – each Russian bear dog will be happy though sometimes move beyond the fence, its territory, despite the fact that the more comfortable place than the native yard for this dog simply does not exist.

At least once a week will not interfere with walking leisurely stroll down the street. If you walk through the busy streets, observe all safety precautions: Put on Caucasian muzzle and how you can keep firmly in the hands of the leash – adult dog, fascinated by something that is able to pull ahead and knock down even a strong man.

Russian bear dog Walking and exerciseCaucasian Shepherd can not be called the most playful dogs.

They will not run for a long time for stick, frisbee or ball. Joint jogging and cycling they too may not be interested. The fact is that during his stay on the street, these pets are accustomed to choose the desired rhythm of walking. If you need to run forward – Caucasian run if it is necessary to study the trunk of a tree – it will do so slowly. Try not to force your favorite mountain dog strain after walking for him – this is first and foremost rest and a change of scenery. Nevertheless, many Caucasian Shepherd proven excellent athletes become winners of the Agility-competitions.

Russian commanders, winning the Caucasus within the framework of a special order just immediately enlisted in the army of the Russian bear dog to protect and guard military fortresses.

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